About Us

Rubbish Removal Services offer a superior set of rubbish removal service for all of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. We load all items by hand and clean up before taking it away and customers not needing to lift a finger. Our service eliminates you lifting heavy items, the hassle of trips to the local tip, ordering skips which require council approval and often filled by neighbours and all at very competitive prices.

The type of rubbish Rubbish Removal Services collect is very diverse. It can range from furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, desks, boxes right through to garden waste. We clear out vacated offices and factories, retailers’ storerooms, building sites with left over material and rubble, houses being renovated and homes which are full of rubbish and need clearing out.

Rubbish Removal Services are committed to recycling for a sustainable environment for future generations. We take the rubbish to transfer stations which recycle all reusable materials.

Our knowledge and understanding of Sydney based rubbish removal requirements and our range of services allows us to provide a level of offering that is superior to our competitors, and with our industry contacts we can do unusual removal requests.

Remember, our affordable waste collection service is in most cases more cost effective than hiring a rubbish skip, and you don’t have to load the rubbish yourself, we do all the work for you.